July 14, 2008

07.14.08 - Merchline Updates

-Let me introduce you to Oath Threadline! A positive independent clothing line out of Miami.

-New from the 116 Clique, J'son's 'Life On Life CD. Features guest appearances from Trip Lee, Tedashi, Lecrae and many more.

New Products:
-The Dark Romantics have a new 'necklace', a new 7" on New Granada Records, a new 'Heartbreaker, as well as a few new shirts on 'The Dark Romantics' storefront.
-Cool Hand Luke have a new cd 'The Sleeping House' on Lujo Records.
-Fullbleed has restocked 5 tee styles, including 'Oh, Dear', which is now printed with an ultra-soft discharge ink.
-Iso50 has restocked his 13 tees!

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