October 20, 2008

10.20.08 - Merchline Updates

On Sale:
-REACH RECORDS is having a $8.99 sale on a few of their tshirt styles.

New Products:
-LAMPMODE has a new DVD 'Flavor Fest Vol. 3' and Shai Linne - 'Storiez' CD PREORDER now up.
-DEAD TRUTH has a new Alarmed 'S/T' 7inch now up for Preorder. Also available is a all black Jump The Shark - 'Limited' Tshirt.
-PUNCHLINE has two new cds, two new shirts, and a CD Release poster available on their storefront.
-FROG AND BAM have a new hand crafted 'Triangles' Tshirt on their colorful storefront.
-PUSHMEPULLYOU have added a plethora of new prints, home items and gifts to her storefront.
-HUGSMUGGLERS have added five new shirts to their storefront.
-LUJO RECORDS have added new shirts by The Dark Romantics, Look Mexico and The Pomegranates. All shirts are printed on a supersoft cotton American Apparel Tshirt.
-NEW GRANADA RECORDS have added a new cd by Red Room Cinema and a new 10" record by Building the State.
-THE DARK ROMANTICS have added a new tri-blend 'Heartbreaker' tshirt to their storefront.

New Storefronts:
-Please welcome FACELESS INTERNATIONAL, a company that exists to raise awareness and education on social issues happening throughout the global community. They launched with some supersoft tri-blend tees up.
-Just launched, two new tees by INSECT.
-HEN DIESEL RECORDS just posted a new cd and tshirt from Zerubbabel.
-JOHN BROWN'S BODY have launched a new storefront. Pick up their new cd or preorder one of their upcoming Tshirt designs.

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