May 19, 2008

05.19.08 - Merchline Updates

-RE:UP are pioneers in finding upcoming artist and talent. Check out the magazine and their storefront.

New Products:
-Reach Records launched Trip Lee's sophomore release '20/20'!
-Owl Movement is almost sold out of their new series 'Lines and Diagrams'
-The Dark Romantics has a new shirt on AA's Tri-Blend.
-City of Ships added a limited edition split with Souvenir's Young America.
-Merck Records added some short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts.
-Punchline added a few new t-shirt designs and restocks.

New Storefronts:
-Mustache and Friends is up and running!
-You can find some previously hard to find Merck Records releases through their new storefront!

Side News:
-Scott Hansen of Iso50 has been asked to create the next 'Artist for Obama' poster.

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